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Although it is never completely safe for students to search on the internet, there are some sites that are geared toward children and do provide a safer place for searching.  To be safe, always supervise your child's time on the internet!










Click logo for great educational games.


Comprehensive Digital Learning Websites

Two Great sites for all subjects!


Where Technology and Education Meet



Chromebook Contract

Parent Technology Tips

  1. Set a specific amount of time that your child can use technology (games, computer, tv, ipad, etc.) each day. Inform them of the rules at the beginning of a new school year. Be sure to enforce the ...more

Miscellaneous Websites


Elementary School: Grades K-5

These sites are robust enough to be used across the grade levels. Of course younger students will need some help navigating and reading instructions.

FunBrain offers something for every student. Educational games have different levels so the practice can be customized. The site has areas dedicated to math and reading.

Smithsonian Institute for

Take a closer look at these engaging online exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution covering art, science & nature, history & culture and people & places.

Houghton-Mifflin Math--

A fun place to play games to strengthen your math skills. Arranged by grade level.

Lower Elementary: Grades K-2

Fishing with

Help Garfield catch the most fish, and in the process practice your beginning and ending sounds.

Be sure to check out all your favorite PBSKids shows like Word Girl, Between the Lions, Super Why, Sid the Science Guy, Maya and Miguel and more. Many activities don't all require reading abilities, but some do.


Sort the pictures into the correct box based on the beginning-letter sounds, short-vowel sounds, or long-vowel sounds.


Perfect for pre-readers and beginning readers, this site takes a systematic phonics approach and combines it with phonemic awareness practice.

Up to

Fun site for kids “up to 10.” Solve jigsaw puzzles, color online, improve your coordination and more.

Upper Elementary: Grades  3-5


Presented by the Library of Congress, students will get caught up in the interactivity of the site as they Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore the States, Join America at Play and See, Hear and Sing. Check it out.

Discover this well-organized, kid-friendly resource for fun facts and outstanding games and quizzes.

Looking for a few good books this summer? Check out this site with reviews and recommendations as well as sections devoted to popular book series.

Created by a math teacher this site offers games that require specific and complex skills, logic puzzles and an amazing supply of word problems. The games use manipulatives to help make even the most abstract math concepts clear.


PBSKids Go!

While it shares some content from the PBSKids site geared toward younger elementary students, this site has a look and feel to engage the over 8 crowd. In addition to PBS character sections (Maya and Miguel, Word Girl) there are terrific sections dedicated to the American Experience: Wayback, Democracy Project, History Detectives and more.


National Park Service Web

Complete more than four dozen activities—puzzles, mysteries, quizzes, etc. —to earn your "WebRanger" status. The activities vary in difficulty level and topic (parks, animals, nature, people, history, science, and puzzles).  


Technology is the best tool we have in education. However, it is only effective if we use it for active, authentic learning. In a technology rich environment, students don't just "learn" technology. Technology provides access to primary source material and information, ways for students to collaborate, and provides the opportunity for them to express their understanding. It is a means, not an end.

At W.T. Lewis Elementary, we are dedicated to incorporating technology into every aspect of learning. We believe that the students should be involved in using the technology along with the teacher. Therefore, they are involved in their own learning.

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